Grace at Home Kentucky

We’ve always been big proponents of walking an individual path, of not going with the crowd just because it’s the easiest thing to do. This attitude can carry with it its own set of hurdles to leap, but we believe it is ultimately the best way to live. 

When the idea for Timesavers began to percolate, we weren’t sure how we would prove our uniqueness. Didn’t everyone provide extraordinary customer service; wasn’t everyone 100% responsive; didn’t everyone have their heart invested in their clients, whether doing the grocery shopping or holding those clients’ hands in the ER? How would we distinguish ourselves?

Grace at Home KentuckyOver the last ten years, we’ve now learned how we prove our “differentness”. We have a care team with the biggest hearts we’ve ever known. We have an office staff whose commitment to our clients and to our care team is palpable. Each member of that office staff is actively living a care situation in our own lives. We live with empathy, feeling our clients’ joy and commiserating with them in their pain. We constantly and consistently check in with our clients and our care team to see how they are faring and whether they need us to advocate for them in any way.

All of these things should be the norm for any agency, but we have learned these things instead are the things that make us different, that make us stand out in the crowd. Being different matters. Standing out in the right way is the difference in exceptional care and service, and doing just enough to get by. Distinguishing ourselves means the difference between a family’s peace of mind, and their skepticism and constant worry.

And how are we continuing to improve on our differences? Now, we have a trained professional aging life care consultant on our staff. Incorporating assessments, recommendations, care coordination and guidance, family consultation, and more, we offer a full continuum of services to help you and your family make good, informed decisions.

So when we lace up our shoes each morning, we may tie them just like everyone else does. But the steps we take in those shoes are what make us different. Those steps are what take us down our own path. We’d love to walk that path with you.


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