Caregivers Bowling Green

The Timesavers staff is a group of experienced caregivers and home helpers, well-versed in how to address virtually any situation that might arise. We treat every client the same way we treat our own families. Our mission is to listen to, understand, and help people navigating life’s transitions.

We love celebrating our team and all of the hard work they pour into each day. We have created two awards that are given out quarterly in order to share our appreciation of a job well done. 

Our first award is the Outstanding Performer (parameters include no call outs and 300+ hours worked in the quarter). Jamie Wimsatt is our Q4 winner! Jamie has been with us since January of 2018 and she has been such a blessing to our team!

Our second award is the LifeSaver Award (anyone who receives a Lifesaver Ticket by the office team for being our lifesaver). Veronica Hoosier was our Q4 Lifesaver! Veronica has been with us since January of 2020 and we cannot be more grateful to have her as a caregiver

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