In the last couple of months I, personally, have needed the assistance and advice of some people to whom I didn’t have direct access. So I did what I never hesitate to do – I went to a couple of other people who could connect me with the perfect resources.

Now, these “connectors” didn’t have to help me. They could have told me it was an imposition, they were too busy, I was asking too much of them. They were busy, and I was asking a great deal of them. But instead of brushing me aside, they immediately took the steps necessary to insure the issues with which I was dealing would be addressed by just the right helpers. One of these magical connections was made within two hours of me sending an email, the other within twelve hours of me making a phone call. And yes, both the effort and the actual connections were magical.  

So, my question to you is, do you believe in magic? I do. I believe magic is in relationships, in helping, in making a difference. Not so much in what you have as in what you give. What you give will change your life in amazing ways. It will create a ripple effect that could not only change a life, but could change the world. 

Is this hyperbole, pure spin, exaggeration beyond comparison? No. This is a challenge to you to look around and find the ways you can be a helper, discover the people who need to be connected to each other, the kids and the lonely who need someone to talk to. In a world of people who don’t believe it’s even possible, I challenge you to create your own kind of magic. 

There are days at Timesavers when I feel like we have let someone down, when a family counting on us has been disappointed. I guess that’s just reality. And then there’s the magic, the days when we can look at each other and know we have allowed someone to sleep easier at night, made it possible for someone to stay safely in their home, improved someone’s strength and health. Is it work? Sure. Is it just a job? No way. It’s magic, and I, for one, believe we all have the potential to put magic out into the world.

Now, go. Create your own magic.

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