December 11, 2017

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December 11, 2017

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Caring for Others: The Perfect Splash for Your Family!

March 1, 2015

My writing style is very different from many others who put pen to paper. I tend to write in a colloquial tone much of the time, and sometimes I throw in a word or two that might require a quick trip to the dictionary. And I am passionate about the subjects upon which I touch. That passion carries over to everything I love: family, friends, issues, and my work.


When Timesavers started almost 5 years ago, I knew this would be a job that would not just be a job. It would be my life's purpose for the rest of my life, God willing. I learned that my writing style is not the only thing I approach differently.


I am extraordinarily fortunate to have been raised in a multi-generational family, most of whom were always nearby, and with whom I interacted, shared, and spoke on a regular basis. I have learned that time, geography, family dynamics, and priorities often make others not so fortunate as I. So my purpose will always be to add that same family interaction I have experienced into our clients' lives; to become the family who cannot always be present.


Our team works diligently at this task every day, from our office administrator to our scheduling team to our caregivers, drivers, and other feet on the ground. And because we do what we do how we do it, our quality is second to absolutely none.


Now comes my real passionate speech. Some might even call it a rant. Our parents and grandparents made sure we had the best quality of life they could make possible for us. They made sacrifices and took off the blinders when necessary to insure our happiness, safety, and good health. So why do we, a generation who for the most part have more resources, more access to services, and more information available, tend to always search for the best bargain rather than the highest quality when it comes to the care our parents and grandparents need?


This is a question to which I have no answer. I can only plant the seed that a couple of extra dollars an hour might be the difference in the number of years our loved ones have a high quality of life; in the number of holidays our children are able to share with our parents; in the number of lucid, productive days our loved ones are able to feel a sense of purpose and involvement in their community. A proactive, ahead of the curve stance introducing help and companonship into our aging loved ones' daily journey might literally save a life. Do not be confused about this point: as we age, we do not lose our desire to serve and to love and to make a contribution to the world. But the world can sometimes make it seem that way.


I encourage each family not to wait to make a family dynamics plan that will proactively include parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, in social events, educational opportunities, philanthropic efforts, and just plain old fun times with family and friends. And if this means spending a little extra money to bring in someone who can be a friend, companion, observer, safety net, trusted helper, or hands-on caregiver, isn't the financial part of the equation the least of it?


The return on investment is incalcuable. A smile, a hug, a sense of fulfillment, and a simple "thank you" - these are things we can't measure. These are things that make a grandmother's sleep more sweet at night, an aging father's heart more full, and our children's worlds more well-rounded and empathetic. 


Yes, I am passionate. Won't you dive in and join me? The water is fine, and who knows? We could all make quite a splash!


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