Personal Concierge services can improve your life.


How often do you feel like you just can't get it all done?  And how valuable is your time?  You can have it all by just calling Timesavers!  We can take the pressure off of you by running a few errands a week and allow you to make the most of your time.  We can make a move less stressful by helping pack or unpack, helping set up rooms, or cleaning out closets.  We can be the extra hands you never thought you would find.  Reliable, efficient, punctual, and caring - Timesavers is here to help!

  • Grocery store

  • Dry cleaning

  • Pet feeding

  • Travel booking

  • Post Office

  • Car Registration

  • Supply pickups in Nashville

  • Taking car to car wash or for oil change or service

  • Carry out pickup and delivery

  • Unpacking/packing for moves

  • Light yard work

  • Home organization

More time for the important things


Sue's soccer match is at 6:00, the cupcakes for the birthday party have to be picked up at 6:15, Mom's bridge table needs to be set up for tomorrow morning, Dan's suit has to go to the cleaners by noon, the car tags expire today, and there's that pesky little thing called your job!  


So what is most important?  Your sanity, right?  And your family.  So make a call to get the cupcakes picked up, the car tags renewed, and the suit to the cleaners, and go enjoy Sue's soccer match and spend some time with Mom while setting up her bridge table.  


You can never get more time, so spend it on the things that are important.  Your time is worth the few dollars you'll spend to get to enjoy the important things.

Peace of mind


Maybe you're traveling, or you can't leave work to meet the repairperson at your house between 10:00 and 1:00.  Whom do you trust to take care of your plants, feed your dog, bring in your mail, or be in your home to direct the cable guy to the correct room in the house?


Peace of mind is something that comes with being able to trust anyone you employ, and Timesavers' record of performance is beyond reproach.  When we say we will perform a task, you can rest assured it will be taken care of with the same care we would use with our own family's requests.


You don't need to have more stress in your life when we can easily assist with any chore, errand or odd job.  You need peace of mind, and that is what we provide.

Be in two places at once


We're always told it's impossible to be in two places at once.  But Timesavers allows you to do the impossible.  You can be at the dance recital while the anniversary party decorations are being hung at home.  You can go to girls' night out while your order at Trader Joe's is being picked up to be delivered to your door.


You can be at your desk at work while your car is being taken for an oil change and wash.  You can be at the hairdresser while someone waits at your house for the cable company to arrive.  


You can not only be two places at once, you can have it all.  You can have time to do everything with the extra pair of hands Timesavers offers.