About Timesavers
Our Mission

Our staff is a group of experienced caregivers and home helpers, well-versed in how to address virtually any situation that might arise. We offer services both personal and corporate, and if we are unable to provide a needed service, we will do everything possible to find the person who can complete the task. Timesavers wants our clients to have the full life they deserve at any age—to give a peace of mind that only comes from knowing that every necessary task is being handled in the very best way possible. We treat every client the same way we treat our own families. Our mission is to listen to, understand, and help people navigating life's transitions.

Founded by two friends who have experienced the need for service that is not only convenient, but compassionate as well, Timesavers is set on a mission to not merely say the right things, but to do the right things. Whether we are engaged to assist with an aging Alzheimer's parent, clean out a garage, drive someone to the airport, or merely do the grocery shopping, we intend to do the job with the utmost reliability, efficiency and personal attention.

Meet the Team




Elizabeth Downing is a Bowling Green, Kentucky native who decided to put her various interests to use in one place. With family having always been a priority to her, Elizabeth knows what it can mean to have a person you can trust caring for your own family or business needs.




Tina is our Owensboro Community Representative. As Owensboro natives, Tina and her husband Brian are dedicated to working toward the best for their community. Tina loves people and has a genuine understanding of the needs of families to have quality choices for their loved ones. Combining energy with compassion, Tina is our go-to for all things Owensboro.




As a mom of three and a marketing director for two businesses, Laura understands the demands made on busy families and corporate execs. Laura's own life experiences allow her to look at each client's unique needs and determine how we can best serve them.




Sherri made her way to Kentucky from her Mississippi home more than 20 years ago. With a background in IT and administration, Sherri combines organizational skills with an ability to relate to our clients in her unique way. Sherri has recently become our Director of Operations, a change that will help us continue to grow.




Susan is our second full-time Scheduler and comes to us from the corporate world, and has caught on quickly to the world of caregiving and transportation. Susan and her family live in Russellville and she has rapidly become as devoted to what we do as those of us who are old-timers. We are happy to have Susan as part of our team!

You make a list and we pick it up from your favorite Nashville stores like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Chef's Market. 

Grace’s Umbrella is a process formulated to help you navigate the difficult waters

encountered with aging parents, spouses, or others for whom you might be providing care. So many areas must be addressed when a trauma, injury or noticeable decline occurs to someone you love—Timesavers can provide you with a method to coordinate the information necessary to address all areas, from medical to legal to social to family relationships to organization of important documents to lodging choices and meals and nutrition.


Everyone's story is unique, and your family deserves to have your loved one's story preserved.  Let Elizabeth do interviews, go through photos and newspaper articles, and write a personalized history of the people you love!